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This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Fetal Position (2002).

The highways they're all empty
Full of secrets you can't say
The high beams will freeze-frame them
But in the darkness they make a getaway
Numb fingers will light the fuse
Under a bridge you'll burn
It's that strange cross that you take up
Forget all that you learned
Part of you is sorry
For how you waste your days
But given all those options
Could it have been any other way
The safety net shot full of holes
And the trapeze act's gone wrong
So you just learn to make it up
As you go along
There's a hundred million reasons
To love you as I should
Some of them are bad ones
But some are pretty good
It's that little part you cast out
But it would not go away
It's that little thing you buried
But it won't stay in the grave
Stay in the grave
Well your voice is ragged weary
Your tubes as hot as coals
No I may not get the words just right
But at least the story's told
You're all about the giving out
And there's little in return
When nothing fills your treasure chest
It's more than you deserve


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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