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Going Down (Out Like A Light)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album "Ti Jean" - Hearts Crossing The Center Line (2011).

I'm going down... I'm going down again
What you thought was solid... isn't
A little more than scared of just living in this skin
I'm going down again

I'm going down... down, going down today
Something else got the last say
Words lose their meaning or jet get in the way
I'm going down today

I'm going down... going down still
Peeling off the labels but something has been killed
Craving is a mad-dog and it's nipping at your heels
You got every act down... except that one of your will
I'm going down still... I'm going down still

Watch my best and you can see right through
Faith and falsehood entangling you
It's easy to get lost and it's hard to find your health
You get good at the fine art of lying to yourself

So, I'm going down... town tonight
Going out, going out... going out like a light
Please, tell me baby, it'll be all right
I'm going down tonight... I'm going down tonight


  • Written by Bill Mallonee

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