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Go To Sleep With The Angels

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album The Power & The Glory (2011).

It's good to see you old friend
I couldn't track you down for days
I heard you disappeared for spell
Just outside Santa Fe
Did you go there for a new scene
Did your train tracks get all crossed
Did you go there for mystics?
Did you go there to get lost?

And burn out like a sunset
O'er high deserts out west
Burn out with every colour
Leaping from your breast
And go to sleep with the angels
Sleep with the secrets they tell (sell)
Burn out like an old star
...And collapse on yourself

25 North and the snow cascades...
And for a moment I forget
Just how good I had become
At dealing from the bottom of the deck
There's a well I almost drowned in...
And were it not for love
You can fall pretty far and pretty hard...
But there's always blue sky up above.

Idle hands are the devil's workshop...
I was employed there every day
Sifting through those sad remains...
For a lil' something I might save
So, I stole what there was left to steal...
From an altar made of bones
Took back all those gifts I gave...
They were never your's to own

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