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From The Beats Down To The Buddha

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album "Ti Jean" - Hearts Crossing The Center Line (2011) and on the album The Power & The Glory (2011).

There's always time to do in Denver...
And note books to fill up
And tea to get you spaced...
When the mountains aren't enough
These asphalt vibrations...
That call so loud and long
That lead to a lover's bed...
Or another town alone

It's one step at a time...
When yer heart's crossing the center line
With your knapsack dreams and ragged elements in tow
And the mystery that pursued ya'...
From the beats down to the Buddha
And the things you never could let go of...
And the things you could quite let go of...

Running ink horn lines in red wine;
Big sur sea sounds losing yer mind.
The bitter toll and burden of the miles
But something pretty close to love...
Musta filled those bigger skies above
And keep your words all fractured and colliding

Lowell's lonely factories...
Post-war America gettin' free
Leaving all the brightest and best
You n'er felt that understood,
Bangin' on the Underwood
Puttin' all their alloy to the test

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