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Friendly Fire (No More Fight Left In Me)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Friendly Fire (2005).

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Coming in for a few days my friend
Yeah more than likely I'll be alone
Yeah I asked if she'd like to go
You know how she loves Chicago but she just said no

Whatever she wants
Whatever she might need
I've got no more fight in me

I must confess my own helplessness
Things got pretty weird inside right after the war
I got kinda quiet for a long long long spell
They say war is hell but it ain't nothing nothing like this

She just slams the door when I try to hold her
Like I held on three nights at sea
I've got no more fight in me

Mad dog bombardier hell I was mad dog all the time
I could drop that payload on a Roosevelt dime
But where we are there is no more north star
And it's all dark and uncharted in our skies

Kid the flak was so thick you could get out and walk on it
And that's what I did right back to that little bride-to-be
But I've got no more fight in me

She says I've changed (funny thing)
Don't people change all the time?
It's been twenty years or more Stan
Since I had a good cry

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