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Extraordinary Girl

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the live album Perfumed Letter (2003).

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If the weather was inclimate
I'd have told you in a minute
You can rest your worries here
Anytime you want to dear
And if it's moving way too fast
Well there is this looking glass
The future and the past
Are breaking down in all this sunshine

You ought to know I guess
It's a different sort of day
When you walked by in that dress

And she's not an ordinary girl
She's a million miles away
In an extraordinary world
And I guess I'd have to say
Come whatever come what may
I just pray to reach you
Where it hurts the most
Hold you just a little closer

With the blue sky over my head
And it's so plain to everyone
The street is beat
And there's a lot of nothing to be done
Here's a loyal heart
Has yours once ever been broken?
And all the loudest words it seems
Are the ones that don't get spoken

Color me impressed
You could say I'm in deep
Yeah more or less

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