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Dirty Job

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Locket Full Of Moonlight (2002).

Ten years gone and a few songs
I'm drifting in this place
Conclusions drawn in blood
They're the hardest to erase
Yeah and you could call it fate
And say it could be worse
But sometimes you've got to wonder
If the whole thing was a curse
And it's gnawing at you
Till the hours they get late
And it's there by your side
When you awake
They used to think bloodletting
Could make you well again
So I bled some soft
And some I bled on ten
Till I couldn't separate
My bleeding from my health
Yeah but most of all as I recall
I was just trying to save myself
What is the illusion
And what can you lean on
There's this sword called coming-up-empty
That I have fallen upon
She's this job description
And no one will walk you through it
Yeah failure's such a dirty job
I don't know if I'm up to it
Good night America
Wherever we have been
And good night to my family
Good night to my friends
I'm changing my address
Until we meet again
I'll be checking into a world
They call oblivion
And the suit
Swallows you full
But it's the only one they had
For me in the window


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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