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Cameleon Me (Pin My Hope)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Dear Life (2004).

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You said hold me that way I know you won't forget
You were visibly upset and I was the reason
I said yeah you're right but I believe in happy end-ings
And those million new beginnings that are ours for the asking.

In spite of the deed out in the open
In spite of the fall in spite of the broken
Can I hitch my wagon to the star in your sky
And can I pin my hope to the light in your eyes that I see
Oh chameleon me

You said how could you go so far astray
Honey it didn't happen in one day I got worn down oh so worn down
I could pre-tend I never ever felt a thing
Hey when you're bleedin' you just keep singin'

And when it gets dark you can tell that you're in trouble
Girl you were the radiant light at the end of a slow dark tunnel
You said hold on you haven't seem anything yet
I said yeah I can bet on it some folks just don't know when to quit.

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