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Bring You Around

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album The Power & The Glory (2011).

Show me your cards...
Yeah, show me your hand
Give me the sales pitch and all the fine print
Of your master plan
I ain't bringin' you much...
Call me the "hold out kid"
I found the waste places and the empty space...
And lost every friend
It's always clear... it's always clean
I don't care what you say... come whatever what may
If you'll just say what you mean
And the Love that waltzed in here...
Without a sound
It'll whisper you name...
It'll take all th blame
It'll bring you around

Yeah, behind the lies...
You tell yourself to get
Between the tears you can't cry and the wings that won't fly
And the audible sigh
You gotta throw off the veil...
Throw open the door
Away with the fears, announce a new year
Where mercy is born

Somewhere the sky's always bright...
Somewhere the sky's always blue
And that Love that you found, you know the one where you drown?
It's now living in you
If all hell should break lose...
If it should thunder and storm
You know these vagabond hearts,
They were lost from the start
They will find their way home

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