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Berlin In '53

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album My Year In Review (1995).

I have a photograph
Detailing the matter
Quite a formidable pair they were
Full of grace and swagger

Those smiles are disarming
It's like a drowning sensation
Their hands full of each other's
Highly classified information

Berlin in '53
A young lieutenant I admire
He took his young bride up in his arms
They set the whole city on fire

On fire it was
Saved from distraction
On fire indeed
With their love and passion

He covered her with kisses
He adorned her with praise
She took him unto herself
They set the whole city ablaze

Tear down those walls
When she walked by in that dress
Melt all the stone hearts
Melt the machine gun nests

And let freedom ring
In that bloc to the east
Those two got a weapon
They will soon unleash

Well the devil he roams
The big machines they rust
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
Trampled in the dust

I saw it in that photograph
They haven't stopped it yet
Whatever Romeo whispered
To his sweet Juliet


  • Written by Bill Mallonee

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