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Barstools & Baggage (Debtor's Soul)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album WPA Vol. 12 Songs For The Journey & Beyond (2012).

Now there's the sound of your wounds you keep tryin' ta' keep hid
There's the sound your dreams make... hittin' the skids
Mile marker countdowns and the rooms where we grieve
Where we all meet for a moment... and try to believe

Barstools and baggage
Happy hour language
Hey, look in the mirror
Everyone I know
Has gotta debtor soul... in here

When the well of good luck has long given out
It's as dry as an East Texas drought
String it together, kid, all your bailing wire dreams
And those wasted, rusted-out-might-have-beens

The picture's fallin' out of focus again
And that faded background yer standing in
And the morning resolutions you swore would see you through
They're all a dusty shambles and crumbled by high noon

Fillin' up the spaces with empty lies
Tryin' not to over romanticize
You and me babe; we can get through this
Little prayer whispered through a whisky kiss

When guard rail emotions, they won't ever bear the load
Guitars sleep in cases after the show
'Tween Heaven and hell and sittin' on the fence
I've been haunted by 'em both ever since


  • Written by Bill Mallonee

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