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This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Permafrost (2006).

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It's been known
For a train to jump its track
It's ok so you'll know
Most the time they come back
And it's ok to lose your life
When you finally see your birth
It's ok to say I love you
Figure sometimes it's gonna hurt

Don't forget to bring kindness
Don't forget to say thanks
Don't forget to spend your love
No it will not break the bank
Don't forget to bring some empathy
For the saints and the sinners
Don't forget to bring encouragement
Yeah we're all just beginners

Up here under par cans
Or down under the load
How I got from a to b
Well God only knows
Me I talk a real good game
Practiced till I got it right
But most of the crying you'll do
It's inside most your life

Yeah I done you wrong
And I hardly know why
I hope that you will remember
The more or less better side
I hope the Cross is big enough
When your sins reach to the sky
Hope the arms are wide enough
To embrace one such as i

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