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All We Left Unsaid

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album My Year In Review (1995).

Fare you well my noble grace
There are places we have been
Milestones on this path we walk
You were my constant friend

And I was busy chasing shadows
When you slipped beneath waves
Now I'm drownin' here in my regret
And all I left unsaid

Who knows what proper judgment
Befalls these sin-sick hearts
Weary and seeking comfort
Or a candle in the dark

You were bleeding with some burden
You would not give away
Now I'm drownin' here in my regret
Of all I left unsaid

Now words they could be prayers
Or some melodious song
Words they are empty buildings
That we all hide among

Are promises just good intentions
Dreams that we wished we had made
Castles yes but those made of sand
And all we left unsaid

Rumors rumors yes I've heard them
All around this town
What is come from heaven
Cannot stay in the ground

And so I hang onto for dear life
The words the young girl said
I'm beginning to hear whispers
Of all we left unsaid

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