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(I Remember) All The Junkies And Exiles

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album "Ti Jean" - Hearts Crossing The Center Line (2011).

Seems you were searching all of the time
You stole a few glimpses when you crossed the center line
Into the caverns of the veins of doubt
You can crawl down in there ah but how do you get out
To get out with no compass to get out with no map
Ah to get out with your skin intact
You chiseled it on pages carved it in notebooks
You did it on wine all those bennies that you took
Just to stay at the wheel in case we all forgot
Never missed an experience no not on your watch
Maybe in frisco or Mexico city
From high desolations to a mother's chains of pity
And if love was your anchor oh you needed more
When you're drifting alone one thousand miles from shore
Shook your fist at your readers of all of your books
They saved all the wrong things and the wrong is what they took
You saw it coming saw the shit about to go down
Sometimes you quit running just to get out of town


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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