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I Don't Want You

This song is by Big Teeze.

You're only with him 'cause you know I don't want you
For what you done to me I know that it haunts you
Inside you're sad but outside you don't show it
You're missing me and of course he doesn't know it

Everytime your phone rings
Do you wish it was me?
And when he talks to you does he make you laugh?
Or does it make you feel empty?

When he sings you a song
Does it remind you of me?
And when he sings it all wrong
Do you tell him he's off key?

(Verse 3: rap)
Now it's so sad you with this cat and he so clueless
Holdin' his hand you callin' me I wish he knew this
Blow up my cell you tellin' me how much you miss me
Wanna runaway, getaway, so you can kiss me?
Negatory, sad woman it's the same story
I don't worry 'cause you ain't got nothin' for me
I got this new chick she treatin' me like royalty
And she got something you ain't got and it's called loyalty!

(Chorus: repeat out... fade)

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