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Rasie'em Up

This song is by Big Pokey and appears on the album Da Sky'S Da Limit (2002).

Put your hands in the air, let me see you raise 'em up
Pass me the square, to get ya blazing up
On glass 23's, when I'm rolling round
I'ma mash I'ma bleed, I'ma hold it down

(Big Pokey:)
For my dogs on the block, I'ma hold it down
Jump in the coupe, unlock the roof fold it down
To the back, six pack shaking my ride
H-Town Texas, that's where I reside
Put your hands in the sky, if you feeling the Pit
Put some smoke in the sky, if your fillers is lit
It's like this, they can't miss the Dina
Can't shine like me neither, 'cause they misdemeanor
Me and Reck in the Vette, with a bitch between us
Last week we had a RV, with six Selena's
When the laws got behind us, I pitched the Nina
Went back found the heat, and hit the scene-a
Game mask on my face, when I hit the arena
Same mask on my face, when I hit the casina
Do and Rick in the beamer, sock and locking the cat
Little No and Larro, body rock in the Lac

(Big Pokey:)
It's that young cat, that control the town
Released the Pit 9-9, and blowed your mind
4-4's on the flo', when I'm rolling round
Throwing bows in this hoe, I'ma hold my ground
Off the showroom flo', blowing a pound
P-I-M-P, got a hoe and a nine
You hoes can't block my shine, I'm too bright
I got hands like pipes, cause my feet light
Street life, got a nigga hard nose
Feeling like 2Pac, Lord knows
I'm holding on
V tread eat, what I'm rolling on
Stress, got me holding my dome
FED's and these snitches, got me throwing my phone
In the fast lane, living blowing a zone
Getting high, put your hands in the sky

You can see we're sipping, body rocking
While my people hold it down, hold it down
Some got bread, for them no play
Don't call no name, my people hold it down

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