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Get Out Da Way

This song is by Big Pokey and appears on the album Da Sky'S Da Limit (2002).

(Big T)
You can't stop the shit we bout to drop
You can't stop it - 4x

(Chorus: Big T - 2x)
You better get out the way
'Cause it's Big T, and that Sensei
When we start to parlay
You can best believe, it's on all day

(Big Pokey)
We bout to blow up the spot
Y'all can't stop this shhh, we about to drop
Us two on the same track, got the rock
You control the airwaves, I got the block
It's on lock down, Sensei and Big T
In the booth, going off like a glock nine
Y'all know, I'm the dude to stop
I'm a million dollars later, when they figure it out
I earn money, to burn money
Stop baller blocking, go on and learn from me
You can best believe, something gotta give
I got it how I live, cause that's how it is
This year, I'm taking the plack
Anything in my way, I'm breaking your back
I'ma do 'em like a pair of slacks, him a mug
Big T they better what, better what

(Big T)
Better get out the way, 'cause we don't play
We go real hard in the dirty tre
Rock ice, fresh clothes, everyday
So I'ma starve them hoes, you better get out the way
Tour bus, Cutlass or the Navigator
Wreckshop in the house, on collaborate
You better get out the way, we on a paper chase
And we might be doing it, till the break of day

(Big Pokey)
Move around, beet your feet
We fin to flood these streets, with this platinum heat
These platinum techniques, gotta pay the bills
You don't work you don't eat, so I stay in the field
Real or no real, fake no fake
When we start to parlaying, something gon break
Y'all making excuses, we make it happen
All that bumping and capping, ain't nothing but your jaws flapping
I keep the crowd clapping, when I'm on the stage
When it comes to rapping, you ain't on my page
Turn it up, let me hear what you sounding like
Put some bass in your voice, you ain't sounding right
Keep on keeping on, till you find the light
Keep your baby in the water, something bound to bite
It don't happen over night, you gotta stay with it
Get your mash on dog, play with it

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