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This song is by Big Pokey and appears on the album Da Sky'S Da Limit (2002).

Niggaz that be rolling with us, so gangsta
Motherfucking gangsta, gotta keep it gangsta
Bitches that be rolling with us, so gangsta
Motherfucking gangsta, gotta keep it gangsta
Do you wanna blow with us, we gangsta
So damn gangsta, nothing but some gangstas
Let these niggaz know what's up, we gangsta
Gotta keep it gangsta, gotta keep it gangsta

(Big Pokey)
I keep it gangsta, 'cause I'm a gangsta cat
Some niggaz say they gangsta, can't change a flat
A Mobstyle nigga, bring the hat
Find you again, bring it back
I'm a show stopper, like Vic from the soap opera
Bone hard, Third Ward coat dropper
Baby want me home, I ain't freaking tonight
It's the first of the month, and my reekies is right
I got the green light, I'ma mash for mine
If these niggaz seem shife, I'ma blast my iron
Snub nose nine, with a slug in the head
Steady punching the clock, 'cause I'm loving the bread
Stay on the move, 'cause I'm ducking the FED's
Sleep with a HK, tucked in the spread
Gotta get it, you know how I play it
Keep it gangsta, ain't no other way to say it (uh)

(Big Pokey)
I'm in Houston Tex huh, home of Lil' Jay
The late DJ Screw, and my partna F.A
Make way for Sensei, I'm a upcoming legend
Some of these niggaz careers, are armageddon
Pages is a virtue, that's something I learned
Respect on hard top, is something I earned
A zone or white rhino, that's something I burn
I sat back waited, it's my turn
Consisted and willing, I can't lie
Got a grip on this game, like a feet tread tire
Putting gas in the fire, glass in the sky
Riding on bosses, three-wheeling passing by
Bout to rock niggaz bells, like Cool J
Call my burned out phone, hit my two way
It's a whole new day, a whole new way
2002, a whole new Sensei

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