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This song is by Big Pokey and appears on the album Da Sky'S Da Limit (2002).

(Feat. Kawleegz)

Uh, auto-matic Mob music
Mobstyling, feel that network auto

(Big Pokey:)
(Automatic), that's how the money gon come
Dropped to the flo, how my Hummy gon come
(Automatic), walk down in my tub
Flood my earlobe, with six pound studs
(Automatic), I'm Screwed for life
Don't get it twisted, you'll lose your life
(Automatic), white Diablo
Doin' the dash board, blowing hydro
(Automatic), MFL
S.U.C., Y.S. Cartel
(Automatic), I'm the Hardest Pit
Boys run up, boys get bit
(Automatic), this a Prada track
Keep a closet full of, Prada slacks
(Automatic), I go hard in the paint
Hard on the weed, hard on the drank

(Automatic), now could it be who can it be
So how can it be, who can it be

(Young Cay:)
Automatic, let and go right off of the top
Network off of the block, awfully hot
You know I love to kick it with niggaz, that off of they pop
We go burn for burn, they learn they turn and stop
What matching the cheeba, traction a fever
All Star like Derek Jeter, how I lift my feeter
Young C-A-Y, chilling with T-High
K-A-Dub-L two E-G fly
Everybody think of somebody, shake up somebody
Wake up the party, bartender break the Bacardi
Ok ok ok shorty, I'm with it with it
Is you with it with it, let's get it get it give me digits
Tell of me who the sickest of niggaz, that spit it vicious
Big Poke' with Young Cay, don't forget it
Blow trees, we co-d's on the beat
Automatic static, is all you gon see

(Big Pokey:)
(Automatic), I make 'em break they neck
Do 'em like trick dice, take they check
(Automatic), some of 'em feminist
Fuck off anything, in my vicinity
(Automatic), drop niggaz where they stand at
With hands, or a motherfucking hand gat
(Automatic), make niggaz bow down
Hollow points, make niggaz fall down
(Automatic), my hoes gon mind
First and fifteenth, my hoes gon grind
(Automatic), respect the Mob
Disrespect it, you going to Big Rob
(Automatic), hoes dig the Lac
Violators, get they wig detached
(Automatic), I rock a show
And drop a bitch, with a body blow

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