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Banker's Blues

This song is by Big Bill Broonzy and appears on the compilation album The Young Big Bill Broonzy (1968) and on the compilation The Rough Guide to Delta Blues (2002).

If you got money in the bank
Don't let your woman draw it out
Because she'll spend your money
Then she will throw you out

Oh lord lord lord
Crying lord lordy lord
Said I used to be your regular
Now I've got to be your dog

You were the cause got me broke
How can you be so mean
Say you taken all my money
Give it to your no‑good man

Said I have had money
But now I'm cold in hand
Says and the woman that I'm loving
Living with another man

Says I know my baby
She sure going to jump and shout
When I get down to the bank
And draw my money out

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