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Hey Brother

This song is by Beulah and appears on the album The Coast Is Never Clear (2001).

Hey brother
Get yourself together
Don't you wait

Can't you see
I'm waiting in the shadows
To take your place

There is a chance
That I'd keep trying
To tell you the truth,
Would end up lying to you

You said you were late
And I planned my escape
Such a happy thing
Just another one of my mistakes
So you held your breathe
And you cursed the west
Said you had no choice
You're moving back east where men are men

Your mother
Never found a reason
To hesitate

Now you're waiting
For a warmer welcome
In coldest days

Love's got no border
Why don't you feel free
To cross my state line
And bring yourself to me?

It's a hell of a struggle
Been grounded for years
Words that I use up to
Oh for lonely ears

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