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She's a Lady

This song is by Betty Hutton.

She's a Lady ~ I'm a Lady!
She's a Lady ~ I'm a Lady!
She's as quiet as a mouse
Why, she would never ever raise her voice to a shout
Not unless somebody else is drownin' me out!

Yes, She's a Lady ~ I'm a Lady!
High floutin' ~ You're darn tootin'!
And her manners are superb
Yesterday I wore a gown of satin an' lace,
You took me out dinin' to the ritziest place
And when they brought the finger bowl,
Why you washed your face!
Ah! I'm a Lady! ~ She's a Lady ~ Oh yeah!

He's a Lover! ~ I'm a Lover!
He's big hearted! ~ Once I've started!
Nothin' is good for you!
Say, how do you mean that?
I bought you a golden necklace fit for a Queen
If that's a golden necklace, why's my neck turnin' green?

He's Romantic! ~ I'm Romantic!
He's the shy type! ~ Yes, it's my type!
He's the kind that girls can't trust!
Some guys take a girl out ridin' an' when they do,
She may have to walk home, that don't happen to you!
That's because I take them riding in a canoe
Oh! He's a lover! ~ I'm a lover ~ Oh yeah!

She's a Lady ~ I'm a Lady!
She's the fine type ~ Home at nine type!
She's as gentle as a lamb!
She's the most refined girl that the city has got
I will beat up anyone who says that I'm not!

She's a High-Brow ~ I'm a High-Brow!
You're what 'class' is! ~ You need glasses!
You know just how things are done
In a crowded bus, you find a guy with a seat
Then you drop your hanky so it lands at his feet
When he stands up to get it, that's when I grab his seat!
Yes, She's a Lady ~ I'm a Lady! ~ Oh yeah!

He's a Singer! ~ I'm a Singer!
Like Caruso! ~ Learned to do so,
In a barber-shop quartet
I once gave a hair-cut to a fellow one day
I started singing "Mammy" an' kept cutting away
Yeah, now they call him 'baldy' an' he wears a toupee!

You're a Lady! ~ You're a Barber!
You're a High-Brow! ~ You're a Sin-ger!
Hee hee, I'm a Sin-ger? ~ Ha, ha ha ha!
She's a Lady ~ Ah! He's a Sin-ger! ~ Oh yeah!

Words and Music by
Cy Coben, 1950

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