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Mr. Wonderful

This song is by Bette Midler and appears on the album Bette Midler Sings The Peggy Lee Songbook (2005).

This song is a cover of "Mr. Wonderful" by Peggy Lee.
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Mr. Wonderful
Why this feeling? Why this glow?
Why the thrill when you say hello?
It's a strange and tender magic you do.
Mister Wonderful, that's you.
Why this trembling when you speak?
Why this joy when you touch my cheek?
I must tell you what my heart knows is true.
Mister Wonderful, that's you.

And why this longing to know your charms?
To spend forever here in your arms?

Oh, there's much more I could say,
But the words keep slipping away,
And I'm left with one point of view.
Mister Wonderful, that's you.

One more thing, then I'm through.
Mister Wonderful,
Mister Wonderful,
Mister Wonderful, I love you!


Written by:

J. Bock; Holofeener, L.; Weiss, G.

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