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Devil's Vision

This song is by Beto Vázquez Infinity and appears on the album Beyond Space Without Limits (2012).

The bright lights of the candles fading slowly
With the wind of the distant night
Flowers weep bloody tears of sadness
That death generates

A breath of cold air came out to face me
Walking in the deep path of darkness
I can see that angels are only entities
In exile

I release my inner self that I was hiding
It enlightens the day
Now I hear voices from a new millennium
Growing inside myself

Without a single word I hear their whispers
The silent beauties of the dark
Evil echoes of wicked nightmares
Become alive

Ombra ignobile = an ignoble shadow
Siede intorno a me = is sitting around me
Arde la via = the path blazes
Sino alla follia! = until the madness

Feed and cover the light
Of the latest lamp of life
While the dawn's turning gray
Till the brand new day

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