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Battle of Valmourt (2001)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Battle Of Valmourt

Battle of Valmourt

  1. Battle of Valmourt (Vocal Duet version)
  2. Promises Under the Rain (Instrumental Version)
  3. Multimedia track

Beto Vázquez Infinity (2001)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Beto Vázquez Infinity

Beto Vázquez Infinity

  1. Until Dawn (Angels of Light) (featuring Tarja)
  2. Wizard (featuring Tarja and Sabine Edelsbacher)
  3. The Battle of the Past (featuring Fabio Lione)
  4. Sadness in the Night (featuring Tarja)
  5. Through Times Part I
  6. Through Times Part II (featuring Candice Night)
  7. Golden Hair (featuring Candice Night)
  8. Infinity Space
  9. Through Times Part III (featuring Candice Night)
  10. The Laws of the Future (featuring Sabine Edelsbacher and Tarja)
  11. Promises Under the Rain (featuring Candice Night, Sabine Edelsbacher and Tarja)

Wizard (2002)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Wizard


  1. Wizard (Remastered Version)
  2. Until Dawn (Rough Mix - original lyrics)
  3. Sadness in the Night (Radio Edit)
  4. Wizard (Early Rough Mix)
  5. A Tale That Wasn't Right (Instrumental Version)
  6. Promises Under the Rain (Candice Version)
  7. Danjorland (Early Mix)
  8. Wizard (Karaoke Version)
  9. Wizard (Video Clip)

Flying Towards the New Horizon (2006)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Flying Towards The New Horizon

Flying Towards the New Horizon

  1. Cardassia and Bajor
  2. After the Tempest
  3. Lord of the Sky (remake)
  4. The Tunnel of the Souls
  5. Time of Reflection
  6. Soldiers of Hope (remake)
  7. Star Losers
  8. Secret
  9. She Is My Guide
  10. Sunrise
  11. Dreaming in Clouds
  12. Tale of the Black Tower

Darkmind (2008)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Darkmind


  1. From Your Heart
  2. Kingdom of Liberty (featuring Sabrina Carrion)
  3. Magical Moments of Time
  4. Mystic (featuring Manda Ophius)
  5. Darkmind
  6. For Time Runs in My Veins (featuring Elisa Luna and Rute Fevereiro)
  7. Sleeping in the Shadows (featuring Sandra Schleret)
  8. Chronicles of a World Without Gods (featuring Kiara Laetitia)
  9. Close Your Eyes
  10. Follow the Moonlight
  11. Memories of Reinglow (featuring Ivana Anic Lara)
  12. The Tunnel of the Souls (featuring Marcela Bovio)

Existence (2010)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Existence


Disc One
  1. Shadows Fall
  2. Council of My Dreams
  3. The Temple
  4. Existence
  5. Beyond Myself
  6. Celestial Meeting
  7. Tonight
  8. Future City
  9. Freedom
  10. Dark Night
Disc Two
  1. Eyes of Destiny
  2. Cold Soul
  3. Endless Tears
  4. Epic Travel
  5. Arwen Song
  6. Watching You
  7. The Vortex
  8. Earth
  9. Ghost of Time
  10. To Live for the King

Beyond Space Without Limits (2012)

Beto Vázquez Infinity - Beyond Space Without Limits

Beyond Space Without Limits

  1. Within My Madness
  2. From the Silence
  3. Threshold
  4. Soldiers of Hope
  5. Devil's Vision
  6. Stagnant Waters II
  7. Goddess of the Sea
  8. Again
  9. Xarax
  10. Beyond Space Without Limits

Other Songs

  1. El Túnel De Las Almas

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