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I Need You Love

This song is by Beth Nielsen Chapman and appears on the album Back To Love (2010).

Welcome to the chaos
To the stacks and scraps of paper
Puppets hanging in the kitchen
In an avalanche of wind chimes
Oh, I need you love

Welcome to my guesses
To the questions unremembered
In a myriad of choices
In the fragments of my sentences
I need you love

I need you love
Need you like an arrow needs
The center of a circle
As it flies

I need you love
Like sleep and light and oxygen
And your warm arms around me
When I cry

Oh, baby, I
Try to find a million ways
To tell you all the
Endless reasons why

Welcome to the circus
And the days so swift unfolding
Where I have no flipping clue
And yet I sound as if I do, you know
I need you love

Welcome to the lessons
And the dance of sweet forgiveness
To the gift of my intentions
And the depth of my commitment
Oh, I need you love

I need you love
Need you through the spirals
And the detours
In the dark nights of my soul

I need you love
The lips, the hands, the eyes, the voice
The story that we share
As it unfolds

This dream we hold
Promise me, we'll always be together
And you'll never let me go

Welcome to forever
Evermore and ever after
After all that we have weathered
Weather anything else matters
Oh, I need you love
I need you love


Written by:

Beth Nielsen-Chapman

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