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God Is In (Goddess In)

This song is by Beth Nielsen Chapman and appears on the album Prism (2007).

God is in the child's eye, see them wide, wondrous wise
God is in the rain and snow, and each snowflake this we know
God is in the trees and air, the rocks the birds the bees the bears
God is in the clouds above, God is in each act of love
God is in the oceans deep, some say God goes there to sleep
God is in the mountains high whistling a lullabye
God is in the darkest wood, God is in your neighborhood
God is in a place that's near... sometimes it's just not so clear

God is in the Christian house-bread and wine and holy cross
God is in the Jewish home-shalom chave rim shalom
God is in the Muslim- Allah hu akbar salaam
God is in the Hindu way... Jai Baquan Namaste
God is in those dancing Pagans-each drop of perspiration
God is in the Vatican, Quaker Meeting, Rastaman
God is in the flowing Tao then and now and now and now
God is in the Atheist... and all the things that don't exist
God is in... God is in... God is in...

I don't know where you go
In between the lightning and the darkness
I just know I'm not alone
Born in this
Beautiful Universe...

God is in the Ozone layer --holier and holier
If not inside the atom bomb- at least the atom bomber's Mom
God is Darfur, Bhagdhad, Jerusalem, Serbia, Morovia, Liberia
Sagovia, Yugoslavia, Montana, Oklahoma
God is so inspired by those who fly and those who try
God is insatiable- sing and dance way past full
God is in you and me, someday God will help us see
God's love with love so live
Live and love and that's enough

God is in sweet drops
In the white flakes
Of the rain and snow and
God is in the trees, the rocks
The birds the bears... the bees ...I know and
God is in the silent nights of dreams and in the sweet by and by
God is in the child's eye in the sweet spot in the rain and snow and god is in the trees the rocks the birds the bees the bears and... God Is In!

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