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Dance With Me Slow

This song is by Beth Nielsen Chapman and appears on the album You Hold The Key (1993).

Baby, dance with me slow
Let me fly with you
While the band plays low
Till the night is through

The lights of the candles
Look like stars around the room
I'll try to be careful
But I know I'm not immune
'Cause I just can't imagine
How I'd ever come to harm
With this feeling that I'm feeling
As I'm drowning in your arms

Baby, dance with me slow
Till we barely move
Let that crowd rock and roll
While we share this groove

And float like two shadows
In and out and in between
Those faces around us
At the edges of this dream
And it won't even matter
If they stare as we go by
I'm aware of only your love
In this world of you and I

Baby, dance with me slow
Let me fly with you
Let me fly with you

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