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115, Hotel De Paris

This song is by Bestial Devastation and appears on the album Total Fucking Gore! (2006).

By mistake I'm here
But not by mistake I've done errors 2 low
There are wanted errors

Done by this crazy game
That my insane brains lead 2 low/high
In the room 115

It's breath a strong smell 2 low
Soaked of death
Odor that makes me remember delicious memories!
Low/high high

Delicious memories 3 vox

When I slayed for hunger - is what I need
Now I'm again hungry - bloody human flesh
I want a waitress - fuckin' pretty girl
I wanna eat - her fuckin' flesh

I wanna relish again - the tender taste of fresh flesh
I wanna see the blood - slowly fills up the floor
My happiness is incredible - now the waitress is waiting
With her sweet lips - my brains get out of control

I take the waitress violently and I throw her down on the beg
I rape her, like only a maniac as me can do

I play evil games with her pussy putting a big-brush in it and the tele-starter of the old mini TV in her ass
It's switching on and off - continuously

I hang her with the bloody sheets - and I put her head
In front of my cock - cuming on her face
But I'm again hungry - I begin to eat her alive!

I cut her clit - with great care
Then I begin to eat - the bowels and so on
I eat her nice tits - soft as sweet dessert
Ate and slayed in the room 115 3 vox

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