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I'm Going Back To My Used To Be

This song is by Bessie Smith and appears on the compilation album 1923 (1996).

I feel sad
You feel blue
I can hardly sleep at night
For your man was sore all the time
And I know I didn't treat him right
You're going back to your first love
'Cause a good man is hard to find
I say you'll have such a grand good man
Believe me he is sure on my mind
I'm going back
Yeah, you carrying it on back
I'm going back to my used to be
You're going back
I'm going back, 'cause my man was sure good to me
When last winter when times was rough
Look out there, Clara,
You know your man was in the pool yard
Strutting his stuff
I'm going back
Clara, you say you're going back
I'm going back to my used to be
And it's this morning
Back to my used to be
What can you use him for
Crazy about my used to be
He ain't good-looking
I love my used to be

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