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Translation (2009)

Bentley Jones - Translation


  1. 素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~ (Juju English Cover)
  2. 強く儚い者たち (Cocco Cover)
  3. 気分上々↑↑ (Mihiharu GT Cover)
  4. Don't Wanna Cry (Namie Amuro Cover)
  5. 月光 (Chihiro Onitsuka Cover)
  6. ドラマチック (Yuki Cover)
  7. TRANS//LATION ~インタールード~
  8. DEPARTURES (Tetsuya Komura Cover)
  9. Depend On You ~Depend On Me~ (Ayumi Hamasaki English Cover)
  10. WHITE LOVE (Hiromosa Ljichi Cover)
  11. 春 ~SPRING~ (Takuya Cover)
  12. GLAMOROUS SKY (Mika Nakashima Cover)

So Much More... (2010)

Bentley Jones - So Much More...

So Much More...

  1. So Much More... (Main Theme of "Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing)
  2. U Won't 4get Me (Theme of Bentley Jones)
  3. Swing Baby! (From Gaia Online's "Promageddon")
  4. So Much More... (Ballad Version)
  5. Alpha Dog
  6. So Much More... (Fantazia Projekt Radio Mix)
  7. So Much More... (Phunkstar Extended Mix)
  8. So Much More... (Fantazia Projekt Remix)
  9. So Much More... (Instrumental)

Finally Free (2010)

Bentley Jones - Finally Free

Finally Free

  1. Introducing... (U Won't 4get M.E. Prelude)
  2. S.T.4.L.K.3.R.
  3. Waiting for Clouds
  4. Down in Tokyo
  5. Birdcage
  6. Sakura (Beautiful Sadness)
  7. Road Trip to Oblivion V² (From Gaia Online's Promageddon)
  8. Sakura (Reprise)
  9. Be It That Forever
  10. Waiting for Clouds (live piano acoustic)
  11. So Much More... (ballad version)

Entourage (2011)

Bentley Jones - Entourage


  2. Entourage (featuring Curtis Young)
  3. Joyful
  4. My Name Is Bentley ~BENDAYO~

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