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Cylons In Love

This song is by Bent and appears on the UK release of album Programmed to Love (2000).

I already caused, apparently normal
When you smiled and slowed
But I have work to carry (so to speak)
I rarely ever hold a job, I never finish my work
I'm an affable bomb in this swamp
When hiding is organized, pose, both mellow jerk

You were like an angel
When I first met you
Made me feel so good inside
Showed me what I can do

It was all so beautiful then
We were as one
But now I feel, baby
Like something's gone

Why don't I love you like I used to do
Oh, baby

It's been so long now
Between you and me
I thought I wanted to be part of you
Now I want to be free

Why don't you love me like I want you to
Oh, baby
Oh, baby

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