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Hypnotica (2003)

Benny Benassi - Hypnotica


  1. Satisfaction
  2. Able to Love
  3. No Matter What You Do
  4. Let It Be
  5. Love Is Gonna Save Us
  6. Inside of Me
  7. I Wanna Touch Your Soul
  8. I'm Sorry
  9. Time
  10. Put Your Hands Up
  11. Get Loose
  12. Change Style
  13. I Love My Sex
  14. Don't Touch Too Much

Rock 'N' Rave (2008)

Benny Benassi - Rock 'N' Rave

Rock 'N' Rave

Disc 1
  1. Finger Food
  2. My Body (featuring Mia J)
  3. Shocking Silence (featuring Dino)
  4. U Move U Rock Me
  5. Who's Your Daddy?
  6. Here and Now
  7. Rock 'N' Rave
  8. I Am Not Drunk
  9. Free Your Mind (On the Floor) (featuring Fahrenheit)
  10. Love and Motion (featuring Christian Burns)
  11. Come Fly Away (featuring Channing)
Disc 2
  1. Bring the Noise (Pump-kin Remix)
  2. Everybody Everybody (Black Box vs. Benny Benassi)
  3. Eclectic Strings
  4. Who's Your Daddy? (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud)
  5. Electro Sixteen (Benny Benassi vs. Iggy Pop)
  6. I Love My Sex (Pump-kin Remix)

Electroman (2010)



  1. Cinema (featuring Gary Go)
  2. Beautiful People (featuring Chris Brown)
  3. Put It On Me (featuring Pitbull)
  4. House Music
  5. Rather Be (featuring Shanell)
  6. Spaceship (featuring Kelis, and Jean-Baptiste)
  7. My House (featuring Jean-Baptiste)
  8. Good Girl
  9. Electroman (featuring T-Pain)
  10. Automatic B
  11. Control (featuring Gary Go)
  12. Leave This Club Alone (featuring Dhany)
  13. Close to Me (featuring Gary Go)
  14. Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
  15. All the Way (featuring Yin Yang Twins)
  16. Dub Rain
  17. Electroman (John Dahlbäck Remix Instrumental)

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Other Songs

  1. Even If

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Benny Benassi is a performance name for Marco Benassi.

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since 1985

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