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Love and Trust

This song is by Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite and appears on the album No Mercy in This Land (2018).

The simplest things
Can be the hardest to do
Can't find what you're looking for
Even when it's looking for you

The judge and the criminal
The sinner and the priest
Got something in common
Bring 'em all to their knees

Do what you can do what you must
Everybody's crying about
Some love and trust
I walk the line walk it for us
See me up here trying to find
Some love and trust

Lust ain't nothing
But stealing from a thief
Storm after storm
Leave you shaking like a leaf

They say broken hearts
Make the world go 'round
But trading headaches for heartbreaks
Gonna get you down

Give it some time don't try to rush
When you're trying to find yourself
Some love and trust
Do all you can might not be enough
When you're trying to get yourself
Some love and trust

Like a horse in a race
That doesn't want to run
An executioner who won't fire his gun
Like a boxer who won't take a swing
Like a prince
Who don't want to be a king

Haven't we suffered, suffered enough
Now we're out here fighting
About some love and trust
Do all you can, just hope it's enough
Everybody's crying about
Some love and trust


Written by:

Ben Harper

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