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Under Control

This song is by Ben Caplan and appears on the album Birds With Broken Wings (2015).

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There's a churning, there's a churning, there's a churning around
I can't fall asleep and the drugs won't stay down
There's a burning, there's a burning, there's a burning I found
It's deep in the pit where the blood pumps around

All the children are laughing outside
The works never sleeps and there's nowhere to hide
It's under control far as anyone's seen
But there ain't enough shit to climb out the latrine

There's a witness, there's a witness, there's a witness out there
We've got to pretend that the money's still here
There's a knocking, there's a knocking, there's a knock at the door
We'll tell them that uncle don't live here no more

All the angels are crying downstairs
The brandy's run out, but their god never cares
He'll slap them and tell them the evening's been ruined
And his robes reek of failure and cheap French perfume

There's a tinkering, there's a tinkering, there's a tinkerer in town
She'll fix everything till the money's been found
There's a watchman, there's a watchman, and he's guarding the door
With a drink in his hand and a gun on the floor

And the monsters broke in through the sewers again
And they spend every night making ever more friends
They've conquered the bowels of Paris and now
They have every intention of taking the town

There's a bottle, there's a bottle in my bed
It helps me to reach for the switch in my head
There's a madness, there's a madness at bay
But a cold wind will blow down the levee some day

A train whistle blows, the conductor's been hanged
In a white little house, a red telephone rang
And it's under control far as anyone's seen
But there ain't enough shit to climb out the latrine


Written by:

Ben Caplan

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