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Ride On

This song is by Ben Caplan and appears on the album Birds With Broken Wings (2015).

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Sometimes it's a matter of fact
Everybody's in your bed with their diplomats
Sometimes it's a matter of taste
Everybody wants to hear about the big mistakes
Everybody wants a piece of your heart
Telling you they've been there for you right from the start
It's never easy, baby, but it's a must
You got to find out exactly who you can trust

Every day is like a marathon
Wondering how you ever got so far from the dawn
You look around you and everything's changing
Everything is broken and spoken and strange
She lifts a pistol to your temple and smiles
Don't worry baby, I'll be here a while
Sometime's you wonder if you're in too deep
It's all going under you just got to keep it going

Everyday is a matter of haste
Telling you that you got too much talent to waste
Most time's the cards are all stacked
Everyone but you knows that you're on the wrong track
And when you feel like there's no turning back
Your idols are broken, the marble is cracked
That's when you got to push it right to the edge
Without looking back and to step right off the ledge

Everyday you got to run for your life
Wondering if it's them or you that stuck in the knife
It doesn't matter when you reach the end
So come have a seat and relax

She pistol-whips you and tells you you're clever
Don't worry baby, I'll be here forever
And now you realize you're in too deep
It's all going under you just got to keep it going

Each day she glares at me across the morning sky
She's coming from the east to kill me
I know it's true but she won't tell me why
She spins around me, numbered pirouettes
Until I'm gone, but in the meantime
I know my only choice is to ride on


Written by:

Ben Caplan

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