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There Is An Everlasting Song

This song is by Belle and Sebastian and appears on the album How to Solve Our Human Problems (2018).

There is an everlasting song on my lips
I get up early so I don't let that song slip
And mighty is the voice I'm singing with
It beats out all the dread
Defeats the hours of darkness

There is an everlasting promise to be made
My ink is wet there is no paper could contain
The depth of feeling that I pledge to you
Solemn as the sea
Solemn as the sea

There is an everlasting morning near the sun
It burns a hole in my heart
And makes me want to run
And I would run all day if they gave me the choice
I hear your voice
I hear your voice
I hear your voice

There is everlasting gladness of the heart
The stranger looks at me and loves me as I am
One day I'll stand upon
The river's sacred shore
And feel the sun
I'll feel the sun

There is an everlasting sadness all around
It's bigger than the news
From this you cannot run
A women's magazine, a column in "The Mail'
Can't help you now
Can't help you now

I love the song of birds
They sing no word of lie
The air is cruel,
The frost will catch them as they fly
But glorious the sun returns to wake the year
They show no fear
They show no fear
They show no fear


Written by:

Belle And Sebastian

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