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The Girl Doesn't Get It

This song is by Belle and Sebastian and appears on the album How to Solve Our Human Problems (2018).

Well the girl doesn't get it
And you can't ever tell her
She will go with whoever wants her

It's a myth that they're selling
That there's one perfect fellah
Take the pick of the cherries - go slow!
There's a world through the front door
There are people who need more
There is love in the supermarket

I got hopes for the future
And it doesn't mean money
And it doesn't mean two faced liars

One face is smiling
Telling us to be afraid
Painting a world of darkness

But the other face is hidden
And the eyes are looking back in time
Gazing out on a fading empire

You're alone in the dark night
Sitting down with your worries
'Cause your glorious youth got fucked up

You're a train in the siding
You're a car in a pileup
You should dance till your heart is joyful

I don't want to be aloof
Wear the glasses of untruth
I just want to become immortal

They'll take profits over people
They will make the country great again
Just as long as it's white and ugly

Fear the immigrant work force
Fear the kids raised on the internet
They are scared if they can't control you

Are you living or waiting
For the time to get better?
Between sorrow and nothing, choose pain

If compassion was honoured
All our dumb human problems
Would belong in a bin marked history

We will shake hands politely
Feel the pull of attraction
'Cause love is our consolation


Written by:

Belle And Sebastian

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