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Everything Is Now (Part Two)

This song is by Belle and Sebastian and appears on the album How to Solve Our Human Problems (2018).

Please don't be afraid
There's someone watching over you
Watching in the realm of sleep
The play is acted out when no one wins

All my intuition calls for you
We're looking through a glass
But the day will come
When I see you face to face

Lonely as a picture
Hung in an abandoned room
You fall back on the love inside
Please let your love be known
Or it will die

Aching with the pain of "I wish I had"
There's no such thing as fate
There is no such thing as doom
Or suicide

All I ever wanted, to sit and talk to you
Drive around in your car, I'll be the passenger
Take me from this suffocating day
Take me from this world of fading grey


Written by:

Belle And Sebastian

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