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Indulging In The Nocturnal Feast

This song is by Being Killed and appears on the album Kill Yourself (2008).

Killing your soul, creator of will, the apocalypse, Indulging in the Nocturnal Feast.
Awakening to hatred... Ripping, slaying, fucking humans everywhere... Hunger growing in side my veins, time to unleash this morbid desire. On the unsuspecting living world.
I behead their mortality, and feast on their innards, dissecting their anatomy.
Cutting apart the flesh and draining it of life. Saving the fresh meat for consumption, drinking the everlasting blood flow from the torn neck. Raping the innards as if it where m soul mate. Devouring flesh as I feast, indulging in the nocturnal feast.
The fragile body falls apart, blood constantly flowing from my prey, as I await the apocalypse... Anointed by desecration. By my hands eternity dies... I devour their Gods, feasting on what I kill... stripping tissue from the bones, nothing can kill me...
And pale psychotic eyes, stare at me in the darkness, Ripping, slaying, fucking humans everywhere, hungers growing inside my veins, time to unleash this morbid desire, on the unsuspecting human world... Nothing is safe from my hunger, as I dig my fingers threw the open cavities of my victim, bones crushed and shards pierce my soul.
My mind is craving for the taste of flesh, and at all cost I will dine, on the cadavers of the unsuspecting. indulging in the nocturnal feast...

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