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Heart Is a Drum

This song is by Beck and appears on the album Morning Phase (2014).

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Heart Is a Drum
Free as a driving wheel
Circling around your iron will
See only what you feel
Keeps you turning when you're standing still

You try to run from trouble when it comes
You follow the drumming, keeping time with everyone

High as the light of day
You're falling down across your lost highway
Pain, does it hurt this way
To come so far to find they've closed the gates?

You've lost your tongue when you fall from the pendulum
Your heart is a drum keeping time with everyone

Hear the drum from the undertow
Need to find someone to show me how to play it slow
And just let it go

Your eyes get stung by the rays of the sinking sun
You follow the drum keeping time with everyone

Going beat beat beat, it's beating me down
Beat beat beat beat, it's beating me down
Day after day, it's turning around
Till all my days are drowning out


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