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Fair Exchange

This song is by Be Bop Deluxe and appears on the album Sunburst Finish (1976) and on the album Live! In the Air Age (1977).

Here we come on a cloud, stars in our eyes
Standing up proud, it's a perfect disguise
We've so much to give, so much to gain
Just give me your money and I'll give you my pain
It's a fair exchange (fair exchange)

Now Tia Maria, she leans on the wall
Looks in the mirror and pukes on the floor
Tries to remember the cause of it all
He just gave her a drink so she gave him a ball
It's a fair exchange (fair exchange)

But I expect you expect a lot from me
I can feel your burning need
Your greedy, seedy fantasies are guaranteed
To make my young heart bleed
For you and your pubescent blues
Yes, you and your dancin' shoes
You and your sad, glad news

About your boyfriend Stan
He's a dirty, flirty man
And he'll get you if he can
No doubt

Here I stand in a daze, axe in my hand
Another fool on the stage with a traveling band
There's a space in my heart, permanent flame
Give me your body, I'll give you my brain
It's a fair exchange (fair exchange)

Now Venus-De-Milo, a statue of note
She lays in the gutter with a knife in her throat
Naked as sin, no, not even a coat
She gave you a thrill so you gave her a grope
It's a fair exchange (fair exchange)

Still, I expect you expect a lot from me
I know you all
The show goes on despite the wrong
The strong still rise
And the weak still fall
This song is up to you, all along
You never knew
This song is coming on through to take you for a ride,
It's tested, true and tried
Even though it almost lied


Written by:

Bill Nelson

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