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This song is by Bat for Lashes and appears on the iTunes and Special Edition releases of the album Two Suns (2009).

I took my ladies to the sea
We had just pressed the shells into our bones
And we saw the queen in the sky
Gently revealing the treasures of her crowns
We took off all of our armour
Every last single drop of gold
And we banished the land
Lifted our bodies right up into the cold

In the darkest light
I call out to my brothers
Come join me in flight

And the tears they did roll
From the salty sea, the rainy sky
And the wide eyes, the wide eyes
My heart it did swell
As the grandest of stars burst out names in the skies
I could see but a thousand
Of families and friends I have thought but long gone
And the thunder claps hands as I embrace them
And we howled out to every single last one

In the darkest night
I call out to my brothers
Come join me in flight


Written by:

Bat for Lashes

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