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Wango Tango

This song is by Bastiaan Ragas.

The night was young an so was I
When she took me for a ride
And softly whispered in my ear
Hush now baby, don't you fear
She put a spell on me
Playing with my soul
Slowly undressing me
She made me lose control
She wanted me to

Wango tango all night long
Wango till the break of dawn
Taste of mango, sweet and strong
She made me lose my mind
She wanted me to
Wango tango all around
Wango till the roof came down
Hearts on fire, wild romance
Wango tango so intense
So left for weeks without a trace
Then showed up with a smile on her face
A kind of magic in her eyes
Is she the devil in disguise
That night she was crying (she said)
I won't leave you anymore
Man I was dying
When she made her move on the floor
She wanted me to

Your move in the floor
Tell me that I still need more
To satisfy my soul
A sign of fatal attraction
A case of love and affection
She makes me want to lose control


Written by:

Bastiaan Ragas; Jochem Fluitsma; Eric Van Tijn

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