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Living for Today

This song is by Bastiaan Ragas.

Living For Today
I woke up that morning
I am gone was all you said
And I must say it took some time
But it wasn't all that bad
Finding all my liberties
Things that you don't understand
Turn around, look at me
'Cause I'm living my life again
And I say
Hey ?are you living for today
Cast away tomorrow if you're hearing what I say
And I say hey
Hey ?are you living for today
And start living for today and I say? Nannananana?
Don't think I'm your excuse
Losing all your self esteem
I were there where you broke me down
Although you said ?it wasn't what it seemed?
Yeah sure baby babe I believe the words you say
Turn around hit the road
Look at me, 'cause I'm living my life again
And I say
Woke up that morning
Realize what I have done
I found myself in Tracy's room
But next to Tracy's mom
And I thought ?ooh my God I'm losing it?
Going around 'round the bend
When I turn around hit the road
Look at me when I'm living my life again?
NAd I say?


Written by:

Martin James Bushell; Nicky A. Cook; Bastiaan Ragas

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