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Thrift Shop Parody

This song is by Bart Baker and appears on the album Greatest Hits 2013 (2013).

Wut wut wut wut
Wut wut wut wut
Wut wut wut wut
Wut wut wut wut
[Macklemore] I got a nasty rash
Probably from wearing this gross used jacket
Front pocket
Just found a used condom
Guess I should've washed it

[Macklemore] Walkin' into the club like
"Wait, what? I think that I'm lost"
I'm messed up and smell like piss from the thrift shop
Wipe the dandruff with so much swag
The people like:
[Black Dude] "Damn, that's a gross ass cracker"

[Macklemore] Wearing these used panties
[Girl] Hope you don't get a disease
[Macklemore] Who gives a shit?
Got 'em with these shoes, super cheap
[Girl] Those really stink
[Macklemore] Said a girl sitting next to me
[Girl] You look like you're homeless
And what is that on your jeans?
[Macklemore] Jizzzz
But hey, pretty sure it's aids free

[Macklemore] They had a bloody sweater
I bought a bloody sweater
Since I've been wearing it
My stomach is starting to hurt
Hello, hello my shin's turning yellow
Oh, that's the hepatitis
It comes with all of the clothes
Now I'm feeling real sick
Gonna puke on my toes
The sneakers head will be like:
[Guy] "Ah! Not on the Velcros!"

[Fat Girl] I don't know where I am
Does someone knows how to get to McDonalds?
I got lost, now I'm in the thrift shop
This is fucking awful

[Macklemore] I can help you with that
I just found a big mac in my back pocket
Oh needle, I also found a needle
[Fat Girl] This tastes fucking awful

[Macklemore] What you know about having a really bad hair-do?
What you know about getting cramps from my hat, dude?
I'm diggin', I'm diggin'
I'm searchin' right through this dumpster
This dead cat would go perfect with my shirt!

[Macklemore] Thank your grandad for donating his old dirty dentures
Even though my mouth really hurts
[Old Man] Are you okay, man?
I think you should see a doctor
[Macklemore] Nah, I'll be fine
I don't need no god damn doctor

[Macklemore] My hands are turning black
I can't feel my nut sack
I got gonorrhea and the clap
Oh man, it stings like a muthafucka
I think the bugs are biting in this muthafucka
[Ryan Lewis] Okay, honestly dude
Stop saying mothafucka!
[Macklemore] I just lost all my feelings in my legs now
I can't walk so I'm crawlin' on the damn ground
Stop playing saxophone
And help me get back up so I can go back to the club and show off my clothes

[Ryan Lewis] Dude, you're bleeding from your nose!
Your mouth is full of foam!
I don't care man, let's go!

[Wanz] Macklemore looks like ass
I think he needs a thrift shop intervention
He is green and he is seizuring
We need to talk to him
We think you need rehab
This is getting real bad
Stop buying diseased clothes
From the thrift shop down the road
But they're incredible
And they blahblahblah
[Ryan Lewis] He needs a hospital!
Lets take him, it's down the road

[Macklemore] Where my arms and legs go?!

[Doctor] We cut off all your limbs
They were infected from the gross clothes you bought
You almost died
You're lucky to be alive
[Mack] Yo, Where's the nearest Thrift Shop

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