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Royals Parody

This song is by Bart Baker and appears on the album Greatest Hits 2013 (2013).

[Lorde] I look like I took way too much Xanax
I have pubic hair on my head.
I'm so boring but I act like this on purpose so rebellious teens can relate to me

[Lorde] And even though this song is a huge hit and had great potential
I made a vid that is painfully dull
I don't care you can't tell but I just shat my jeans
And now I'm gonna list stuff that I think all rich black people love
Gold teeth, Cristal, and going to the club
[Black Guy] Aw hell no!
You might as well say fried chicken also!

[Lorde] Yes my lyrics seem racist. [Black Guy] (Racist)
But I don't give a fuck hip hop culture totally sucks
Guys stop beating each other up

[Guy 1] But this vid is so awful (awful)[Guy 2] and we live in poverty, please just kill me!
No me!
No me!
No me!

[Lorde] Calm down guys watch some TV.
[Guy 1] Seriously!
[Guy 2] We don't have fuckin' cable!

[Lorde] All of my animals are dead. (Couldn't take it. You were 2 scary.)
They killed themselves because I am a zombie.
And every one who says I'm racist I swear that I'm not.

[Lorde] I just live with skinheads
And now I'm gonna say more random luxurious stuff I hate
Running water, ass hygiene, and first aid
I don't care.
I'm not getting tetanus in my dreams.
Even though this song hit number one and I have tons of cash
I would rather pretend I need food stamps
[Homeless Guy] You fake bitch now how the hell am I supposed to eat?

[Lorde] All rich people can suck it. (suck it)
I am such a hypocrite even though now I am loaded.
I'm gonna act impoverished
Play this shit on repeat (repeat)
If you want to hate me and maybe you'll see (you'll see) (you'll see) (you'll see) how terrible I can be

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