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Blurred Lines Parody

This song is by Bart Baker and appears on the album Greatest Hits 2013 (2013).

This song totally sucks

This song totally sucks

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey WOO!
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey WOO!

Come over here if you want to get raped
(Hey girl come here)
By a Creepy wannabe Timberlake
Maybe I'm going deaf (Hey hey hey)
Or maybe, I'm just high (Hey hey hey)
But no means yes in my mind (Hey hey hey)

This song totally sucks

This song and video will make you wanna take a knife that is really dull and shove it in your trachea
So overhyped it's absurd (Hey hey hey)
Makes me seem like a huge perv (Hey hey hey)
"Because you are a huge perv!" (Hey hey hey)
And now it's time for stupid hashtags

Than say my last name it's extremely lame.
Here's what they should say

I'm a douchebag who thinks he's so smooth
Everyone's dancing except me I'm way too cool.

I'm going blind that's my excuse when
I am accused of molesting women
'Cause I'm a scumbag

Who wrote this concept?
Nothing happening makes any damn sense.

There's a car on your butt.

Now let's watch T.I. dance, like a dirty old man who just shit in his pants.
I really want to fuck this goat.
Now here's a crappy (Hey hey hey)
Attempt at funny (Hey hey hey)
What rhymes with funny?
A lot of stuff idiot!

What the hell's wrong with this blonde girl.
Humping a stuffed dog?
Could this video get any more wrong?
Hey come here girl.
I have a big D.
If a guy has to say that it means it's small and diseased.

You just got your ass served.

Somebody please tell me
What the hell am I doing with this vid I mean
Went from rapping on tracks about the streets
To brushing white chicks' hair like a total creep
And what the hell's with Pharrell's outfit?
He look like he from outer space in this silver shit.
This video's wack and this song's overplayed.
Come on dude, stop hashtagging your name!

Robin you asshole
I'm preggo with your baby
Even though I said no
You knocked me up anyway

But the lines were blurred (Hey hey hey)
They totally weren't (Hey hey hey)
You're just a bastard! (Hey hey hey)

Ok, that's enough, Everyone freeze

Who the hell is this shmuck?
I'm a hashtag cop
This hashtag abuse is against the law
I'm not kidding
Someone turn that shit off

I am warning you
Stop or I will shoot
OK, that's it dude!

Pharrell hands up!

What the hell did I do?
You're under arrest.
For what?
For soliciting goat sex.
Put your hands behind your head!
Thicke, you are dead!
Who the fuck is this dude?
This is my daughter.
You got her preggers!
Time to meet my fist jerk!

What the hell!
Paybacks a bitch.

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