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This song is by Barstool Prophets and appears on the album Crank (1995).

Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water, well I
I can't breathe and I can't see straight
My hands are clammy and my head is swimming; dizzy
I think it has to do with something that I ate
The government is putting poison in my coffee
So they can hunt me; mount my head up like a trophy

Sometimes at night I get a feeling that I'm not alone
I see things moving in the corner of my eye
But when I turn to look that something always disappears
And I am left with wetness running down my thigh
Somebody's watching, waiting, hiding in the shadows
Some "Little-Hitler" with his band of crazy psychos
Intent on my demise

When out with friends I have to keep this cool demeanor
I mustn't let them see the doubt upon my face
You see, my friends have been replaced by clever doubles
Who are members of a spawn that come from deep dark outer-space
They're Body-Snatchers. Life is imitating art now
And Donald Sutherland, I guess I'm playing his part, now
That everyone is out to get me

If paranoia's a result of simply knowing the truth
Then how I feel could be called paranoia
I could prove these things if I could dig up the proof
It's a good thing my cousin's brother's a lawyer
Paranoia (nothing quite like)
Paranoia (there's no stopping)
Paranoia (when you're gripped with)
Paranoia (nothing rhymes with)

(No, no, no, here we go again)

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