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This song is by Barenaked Ladies and appears on the album Silverball (2015).

Doesn't matter any of it happened before
Maybe it was locked, but you still opened the door
The kind that got nailed up mind in the store
So you held yo head down mopping the floor
If you were gonna wreck it, next to what was it for
I guess it doesn't matter much, not anymore

(Globetrot) If that's what you wanna do
(Don't stop) Till you make the best of you
(Globetrot) 'Cause I'm getting used to you
(Bad cop) I did what I had to do

We wanna get from you if you are feeling alone
Gonna open up the lines and stay by the phone
Cause maybe this loneliness is bred in the bone
Anyone with half of a mind would probably had known
It's like when looking down from this spectacular drone
Whispering secrets into megaphones

I want more than ever before
I want way beyond satisfaction
In this case you know the less isn't more
And I can't wait to see your reaction
I can't wait to see your reaction
Yeah, I can't wait

I'm supposed your memory is not as before
You might have got your head caught; slammed in the door
Either way, your memory is not as before
Guess that I could give the benefit of the doubt
If I wouldn't know just what you is about
Don't have to be a genius to figure it out


Written by:

Ed Robertson

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